Monday, November 24, 2014

Scotts Organics NaturesScapes Mulch Review

Today I went to Lowe's garden center to buy Scotts Organics NatureScapes Advanced Sierra Red Mulch. I used this mulch in the spring this year and really liked it and is my new favorite garden mulch.

What I like about the Scotts Organics mulch is that it does not fade under the hot sun. 

Yard and Garden Secrets
Here is a photo of my summer black-eyed Susan garden. I applied three layers of mulch and it naturally preventing weed growth. Which saved me time and effort, because I did not have to go out weekly to spot check the gardens for weeds or annoying crabgrass.

Another benefit is that this mulch holds the water and released it into the soil when needed. I did not have to water my gardens daily throughout the hot summer months and the container garden plants did not wilt in the afternoon.

So today I mulched my flower gardens with 3 layers of the Scotts organics Sierra red mulch and this extra layer of mulch will protect my flower gardens from ice and snow this winter.

View this tutorial video on applying mulch to enhance the beauty of your garden.

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