Thursday, October 8, 2015

Deciduous Trees Have Canker Disease

I am not a tree expert but when I saw that there was something wrong with my willow and mimosa tree bark I knew it was not normal. The bark had cracked open and separated leaving a hole that allowed insects to go inside. I treated the area infection with organic pest control but it had little affect on the problem. Within a week my mature mimosa tree subcombed to whatever had infected it and died. My pine, oak and silver maple trees were also infected with canker disease.

I love my trees and was not willing to let them die just because we have the no chemical rule in our yard and garden. So I called a tree expert and met with him yesterday. Learned that the trees were infected with Canker disease which is a fungus.

Here is a postcard that I created from a photograph of my silver maple tree. If I lose this tree to the canker disease and termites then the autumn season will not be the same. Hoping that we caught all in time.

The expert on closer examination found that the trees had termites too. They had gotten into the tree from the open wound on tree branches and trunk that had become infected with fungus.

I agreed to the treatment for my trees, it was a chemical but I had to do it or I would lose all 8 mature trees in my yard. The tree expert will check back the end of the month to see if further treatment is needed. He told me that once the tree becomes infected it may take up to 4 treatments to get rid of the termites and kill the fungus.

Know that the two trees that we cut down yesterday, that the wood needed to be disposed of and the stump and surrounding area needed to be treated to put a stop to the spread of fungus, bacteria and termites.  

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