Monday, October 26, 2015

Perennial Grasses add Interest to Winter Garden

Today my neighbor came to see me, he had his lawn trimmer in his hand, he asked me how far back he should cut his perennial grass garden. I replied that spring is the best time to cut the grass back and that I recommend that the grasses be left alone.

My neighbor looked at me blankly, it was clear that he could not visualize what his yard and garden would look like so I went to and did a digital design that would show my neighbor how lovely his yard and garden would look if he did not cut his perennial grasses back until spring. 

The winters are long and cold and I think the dried grasses look nice. The grass plumes are eye appealing plus they add movement and provide wildlife with shelter, windbreak for birds, rabbits and cats.  I took this photo last fall of cat lying under the fountain grass in the winter. 

Feral Gray Tabby Cat in Woods Greeting Card
Feral Gray Tabby Cat in Woods Greeting Card by giftsforcatlovers

In the autumn season after I remove the leaves I trim the grasses so they are more manicured and off the garden path.  Then I will mulch around the fountain, and reed grasses. This mulch will add a more manicured look to the garden.

You can also highlight the grass garden with solar lights then when you look out at your yard at night during the winter months you will view a garden area that is eye appealing.  This is why I recommend leaving your ornamental grasses alone throughout the autumn and winter months.  

Here is a photograph of my grass garden next to my garden path.  The photo was taken after I trimmed the grass as it had grown over the stepping stones.

Grass garden in autumn, dried plumes look lovely
Fountain grass in winter looks interesting


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