Sunday, November 22, 2015

Gardening Season is Over

Last night the temperature dropped into the low 29's and it was very cold.  We had our first hard frost of the season and with that the gardening season had ended.  

Today I went out to the garden and did cut back the remaining foliage to the soil line and then covered the gardens with mulch. The garden season is over and all that is left is my grass gardens. They will add interest to my yard for the next several week or until the spring flowers start to bloom.

I will miss my time in the garden as I am one who enjoys my garden very much. The only thing that is left is to plant some daffodils that my husband bought at Lowes today. He was able to get a bag of 40 bulbs for $6.98.

Know that as long as the ground is not completely frozen you can still plant the bulbs. I think I will cut back the chrysanthemum that are in the large containers and plant some daffodils. Then come spring these containers will look nice and add curb appeal to the front of the house.

Here are some article on spring bulbs that you may like.

How to plant daffodils tulips and crocus

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