Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Rustic Trunk Planter Ideas

Instead of shopping for new clay or plastic planters for your flowers or greenery, go to yard sales and buy rustic wood trunks for your garden. These rustic trunks will add interest to your garden. A container that is different from the norm will not only enable your plants to grow but will also be a focal area in your yard and garden.

Grow petunia is rustic trunk planter

Here is a digital design that I created to show one of clients how she could utilize one of her vintage trunks. In her case the trunk would be set up on her porch thus it would be protected from the rain.

Before planting in a wooden trunk I would recommend that you apply
a water seal to protect the wood. Also you would not fill the trunk with soil but you would drop in plastic shelf about 10 inches into the trunk. Then on top you would add your self watering planters for your flowers, herbs or sweet potato vines.

This open trunk planter is unique and adds tremendous interest to your garden.

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