Thursday, June 30, 2016

Combination Container Gardens – Spring Bulbs

Extend your container garden bloom season by planting a variety of plants and bulbs that bloom at different times. When it comes time to put together a container garden I prefer to plant once, then enjoy early, mid and late spring season flowers. This type of a container garden is good for someone who is busy and has no time to garden or someone who has small yard, terrace or balcony.

Flower Container Garden

Flower Container Garden by sgolis featuring Akro-Mils outdoor decor

Grow a variety of spring bulbs but before you buy you will need to check the bloom time. If you shop online at you will read that some bulbs have bloom times in early spring, mid spring, and late spring.

Here are a few spring bulbs that I like to plant in a combination container.  For early spring plant; Narcissus Jet Fire, Tulip Red Emperor, Crocus Large Flowering Mixture, Galanthus snowdrops.  Mid Spring; Narcissus butterfly mixture, Tulip Red Riding Hood, Muscari Delft Blue Mixture  Late Spring Narcissus Pheasant’s Eye, Tulip Foxtrot, Giant Grape Hyacinth

Put your combination container garden together in the fall because the bulbs do need to have a winter season in order to bloom in the spring.

For abundant blooms and colorful flower container gardens, I plant 15 spring blubs per square foot. The bulbs are planted flat side down, pointed side up and are 3 inches apart. Yes, the bulbs are close together but come spring when they bloom the container gardens look fabulous.

Planting Tips:

  1. Plant spring bulbs in the fall, six weeks prior to a hard frost.
  2. I recommend mixing bone meal with the potting soil. The bone meal will provide the bulbs with phosphorous and calcium. It is great for strong roots. Plus squirrels do not like the smell of bonemeal and will stay out of your spring bulb containers.

Here are some garden containers that I found at They would look nice in front or backyard. Both containers are lightweight but resistant to weather.
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