Friday, April 21, 2017

Perky-Pet Bird Feeder Product Review

Wildlife and songbird plants grow in my yard and garden and I also hang bird feeders for millet and sunflower seeds. In the past, I did buy the inexpensive plastic feeders but found that they were not quality made and they did not last. Instead of throwing away my money on inexpensive bird-feeders I prefer to invest in copper bird feeders.
Original photograph of my perky-pet copper bird feeder with seed.

While shopping online at I found a copper feeder that worked with my budget. My husband suggested that I use his prime account to buy the feeder since the members do get benefits; sale prices and free shipping. The prime afforded me to buy the perky pet panorama bird feeder at a reduced price plus I did not have to pay for shipping.
Shipping was quick and I received less than ten days. Filling the feeder was easy and the seed was held in the chamber and only dispensed when needed which ensured that the birds were fed fresh seeds.
Other Copper Bird Feeder Benefits
The perch on the side of the feeder allow for more than one bird to visit the same time. The feeder holds two pounds of food which mean I need to fill in the morning only. The copper does not rust and has been outdoors for over a year, looks new. Cleaning this feeder is easy, the remaining seeds fall off when shaken then I rinse it with dawn antibacterial dish soap and let it dry thoroughly before filling with seeds. The copper lid locks securely which keeps the seed inside the chamber. So far the bird feeder seems to be safe from the squirrels and has had no raccoon trying to forage the seed.
You may also like copper bird feeders at There is a nice selection and you may be able to pick up at the store.

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