Sunday, April 16, 2017

Spring Gardening - Hosta Plants

After the spring rain and a few warm days, I noticed that my hosta plants were coming up. There are quite a few plants that have green leaves and seem to be growing fast. Since the plants have new growth I knew it was time to work in the garden.

Here is a photograph of my spring Hosta Garden.  It was taken after I completed my garden maintenance.
Spring Hosta Garden, with daffodils leaves and mulch

Today I did a hand pulling of the weeds and grasses that were growing in the hosta garden. There was also lilies that had spread into this garden. I dug them up and transplanted to another garden.  Since it is early spring the daffodils plants have green leaves.  I did not cut them back, they will die back naturally.

When the garden maintenance was completed I added some compost that was amended with top soil and mixed well before adding to the hosta garden. This compost and soil mixture is a good way to feed the plants naturally.

Where I reside we do get a lot of rain in the spring and this rain can cause soil erosion. I decided to add a two-inch layer of cypress mulch around the plants to prevent the compost from washing away. Garden plants do benefit from a mulch application because it helps to deter the growth of weeds, keeps the plant roots cooler in summer and aids in retaining moisture.

Here is a photo card that I created from a photograph of my summer Hosta garden.
Hosta Garden Card

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