Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Olivos Olive Oil and Lavender Soap Review

When your lavender harvest is not great and you cannot make your own then I would recommend that you buy Olivos natural lavender and olive oil soap because it will leave your skin feeling like silk.

When it comes to bath and body bar soap I choose to make my own, When my lavender herb plants did not provide me with an ample harvest of flowers my friend recommended that I buy Olivos olive oil and lavender herbal soap from

At first, I did not think that carried essential oil soaps that were of high quality but did not realize that online offered more than the stores. My friend told me that this lavender bath soap left their skin feeling silky soft and they recommended that I try it. She said that the soap is made from 100% extra virgin olive oil and lavender minerals This is a smooth soap that feels very moisturizing. But unlike my homemade soap, this soap does not have visible flower buds.

Normally lavender soap is aromatic, this soap has a light scent and I would prefer a more fragrant soap.  Know that the soap does produce a nice lather and it is very moisturizing, in fact, I did not need to add a body cream after my bath. I really like the way this olive oil and lavender soap makes my skin feel. Even the rough spot on my feet was soft to the touch.

I will definitely buy this soap again and as for the lavender fragrance that I love, I will remedy that by adding two drops of essential oil to my bath water. For those of you who like a moisturizing soap that leaves your skin feeling like silk then you may want to shop at and buy Olivos Olive Oil Lavender bath soap.

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