Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Attracting Birds with Backyard Habitat

Attract birds to your backyard by providing a habitat of perennial flowers, shrubs, trees and reliable water source.  If you provide the birds with their needs then you will develop a following of feathered friends.
When the birds visit your yard and garden for water or to feed from your plant seeds you will find that their visits are enjoyable, however the birds will be also providing you with a valuable service as they are a natural way to rid you yard and garden of insects.

Feeding Birds
Keep the birds happy by providing nourishment.  Buy wildlife shrubs and trees that that are fruit or nut bearing.  Also choose flowers that are high in nectar as well as flowers that produce seeds; sunflower, black-eyed Susan and coneflowers to name a few.  

Providing a Water Source
Consider a stone bird bath with a ledge for perching.  This will allow the birds an area where they can land and drink easily.  Before using a bird bath clean it with antibacterial dish soap and rinse well.  Let it air dry in the sun.  

  1. Install a water source in a safe area in your yard that is away from human foot traffic and cats; however the bird bath needs to be in an area where you can watch the birds from a distance.  I would recommend setting the bird bath in the center of a garden where the plants will conceal the birds from a cats view.
  2. Maintain the bird bath by changing the water daily.  Empty the water from the bird bath daily.  
  3. Clean the bird bath by removing the feathers, bird droppings, mosquito larvae or algae.  
  4. Rinse well with a garden hose before refilling the bird bath with tap water that has been treated with Aqua Safe to remove chlorine or fill the bird bath with purified water.   
  5. Another way to fill the bird bath is to collect rainwater in a barrel, then use this natural water.

  1. Choose an area for the bird bath and then install it.  Leave the bird bath in that location and refrain from moving it.  It will take a few days for the birds to notice the water source.
  2. Hang peanut and suet feeders throughout your yard to attract woodpeckers, wrens and chickadees.

Learn how you can create your own wildlife habitat in your yard by viewing this You Tube video: 

Attribution introduction image: http://mrg.bz/qUd5n0

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Martha said...

Great tips! I love watching our backyard birds. I made a few bird feeding stations from old wrought iron tanles that we salvaged from the landfill.