Saturday, June 22, 2013

Signs of Iron Deficiency in Plants

Today while out in the garden I noticed that many of my plants leaves were yellow.  When I looked closer I saw that the yellow leaves had dark green veins.  I suspect that my plants have an iron deficiency, also called chlorosis.  I suspected that the fertilizer that I used in early spring had washed away due to the heavy rains we had in May.

I picked up some miracle grow liquaFeed that was ready to use at the garden store and attached it to my garden hose and sprayed the flower garden beds.  The liquid fertilizer contained iron and zinc and if my diagnosis of the plants is correct then the leaves should turn green after the fertilizer treatment. 

For best results fertilize your plant, flowers and vegetables every two weeks with the liquid feed.
Note: When leaves turn yellow and have dark veins is also an indication that the plant is suffering from stress and or a virus.  

Learn more about  chlorosis or iron deficiency in plants by viewing this video.

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