Sunday, June 30, 2013

Growing Tips for Morning Glory Vine

Grandpa Ott morning glory grown form seed by sgolis
Grandpa Ott morning glory
Add some vertical interest to your garden by growing a morning glory vine.   

Morning glory is an annual vine with heart shaped leaves that are easy to train to grow up a trellis or they will cover a chain link fence with green leaves and a flower that is similar to a petunia.

There are a variety of flower colors; white purple, blue, pink or red and all trumpet shaped flowers bloom in the early morning from early summer to frost. 
You can start this vine from seed and then plant outdoors after the threat of spring frost has past or you can grow from a nursery grown plant.  
I am new to growing the morning glory vine.  I was given “Grandpa Ott” heirloom seeds a few years ago and started them indoors and then transplanted outdoors.  I used them to hide a six foot chain link fence.  

You do not need to be an expert gardener to grow morning glory vine.  It is very easy to grow.  Plant next to a trellis or next to your fence and wrap the vine around the link of the fence and it will quickly attach itself.

Planting tips:
You can start seeds indoors or you can sow the seeds directly into an outdoor garden.  Before you plant the seed it is best to soak them in a shallow pan of tepid water overnight.  The water soaking will help in germination.  

If you intend on sowing the seeds outdoors then plant them in full sun in an area with well drained soil the back garden border is good as they make a nice background vine if they grow up a trellis or fence.  Plant the seeds 1/2 inch deep.

Another way to grow morning glory is to plant in a container that has a supportive trellis.  Then set close to your outdoor living place so you can admire this pretty flower. 

For a container I like to plant with miracle grow.  When planting directly in the soil I will get the garden site ready by removing the grass and then work the topsoil with my shovel by turning over the soil.  I then will break up the clumps so that the soil is loose.  Work compost or manure into the soil as this nutritious soil will be good for the overall health of the plant. 

When planting at the base of trellis or fence dig a trench that is the same depth as the nursery grown container and plant the vines eight inches apart. 

Caring for Morning Glory
Mix a weak strength of water soluble fertilizer for flowers and water the newly planted morning glories well.  

Water daily to keep the soil evenly moist but not wet.

Apply organic mulch around the morning glory vines; pine needles, leaf much or tree bark.

Feed with water soluble fertilizer that is formulated for flowers twice a month throughout the growing season.

Morning Glory plants like it hot and humid.  


MysticRhea said...

I am trying to grow a vine to cover the fence and drape over it to cover the cat scratch marks that two rescues of mine make when jumping back over the fence. They mostly stay inside and on the patio, but once in a while they explore outside but still very close their new home. I know that ideally it would be good to enclose the fence so they can't get out at all, but this is a rental property and I can't do that.

My question is, how can I train the vine to attach and stay, on the opposite side of the fence where I'm trying to drape it to cover the scratch marks, when the cats are still using that place to jump by? Thank you.

S Golis said...

Okay I helped morning glory with climbing up a chain link fence with self locking plastic zip ties. It was a gentle way to hold the vine up against the fence. Now if you fence is wood I would install a trellis next to the fence and then train the vines to climb upward again holding them gently with plastic zip tie. You would not pull it to close to the stem, but enough to hold it in place. does not take long for vine to learn how to grow on its own.