Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Get New Clients with Business Card

I never leave home without my business cards because a garden client could approach me throughout the day and my business card could open doors for a new contract.

A few weeks ago while walking my dog in the neighborhood I saw a walker approaching me and they greeted me with a friendly hello and stopped to chat.   They asked me if I was the gardener at the end of the block next to the nature sanctuary and I said yes. Then told me that a group of neighbors viewed my backyard and liked what they saw.  I took this comment as an opening statement for a possible new client and reached for my gardener’s business card.   
The neighbor wanted to know about my skills as well as brief work history.  I responded by mentioning a few clients that I did work for in the neighborhood and pointed out my skills and expertise as noted on my business card. I answered their questions and then ended the conversations by telling them to call me if they needed my garden services while they were on vacation or for general garden maintenance or specialty planting.  

Here are a few gardening business cards that I like.  Some were created by me (Susang6) and others are zazzle finds. 

Today while tending to my  gardens I happened to glance at my driveway and saw the neighbor coming toward me.  They said that they were going on vacation and asked if I would look after their container gardens, tomatoes and water their yard as well as pick up their mail.  We agreed on fees for my services and my new client signed the contract. 

I have been tending to gardens for a long time and have not needed to advertise my services.  All new and repeat clients were due to word of mouth or from a casual conversation that ended with me handing them a business card.   

My business card may have been tossed in the drawer but when they needed gardener they called me and for this I am thankful because I have a new client and a July contract.

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