Sunday, May 4, 2014

Planted an Herb Garden Today

Here in USDA growing zone 6 the threat of spring frost  has past and now it is safe to garden. So I took advantage of the warm and sunny day and planted an herb garden.

Last week when  I did my garden checklist I had noted that the harsh winter and killed many of my herbs and that I needed to  replace many.  I was fortunate to have a friend with a nursery in town as she provided me with a discount.  Lucky me I was able to buy 11 herbs in three inch pots for $3.00 each.

I found some new herbs for my garden and this year I will be growing
Mojito mint, I grow many varieties of mint and think it is a delicious plant for aromatics and for culinary uses.  In fact last year I made an  invigorating soap from the peppermint leaves.  So I am excited to be growing the new Motito mint.  My husband said I will enjoy the beverage that is made from the leaves,  hummmm that does sound interesting and refreshing on a hot summer day.

Another new herb this year is Kew Red Lavender for growing in full sun.  This aromatic herb looks exciting as it is covered with vibrant pink flowers with gray green spikes.  I like that the lavender it it is drought tolerant because my summers do get dreadfully hot. I am thinking that this lavender  herb that would make a nice bath soap and also a wonderful potpourri.

I am so happy that winter is finally over and that gardening season has begun.

I Planted an Herb Garden Today, What did you do?

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