Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Gardening Today: Cutting back Brush

Yard and Garden Secrets/Iris garden clean up
Gardening today took me to the side yard where there was a lot of underbrush as well as low hanging trees limps that needed to be trimmed. 

For this project I needed my rose trimming gloves.  I found a pair of Terra Professional rose gloves at that I really like because these rose gloves protect my hands and my lower arms from cuts and scratches.  When I have my hands in brush you never know what you will find and the wild roses will really hurt if you don’t protect yourself.

Then to tackle the tough weeds and tall grass that was growing under the shrubs I used my Black & Decker 14inch curved shaft electric string trimmer.  This trimmer does a good job at taking down the overgrown brush.  When it comes to manicuring the yard I don’t mind doing the trimming as long as I do not have to use a gas operated trimmer.

Garden Boots
Whenever I take on big projects I always wear safety glasses because my trimmer might hit a rock and push it back into my face and that would not be good. I also wear a thick weave jean or khaki pant that is tucked into my garden boots.  

It is best to dress for this garden clean up job because of the snakes, rodents and other garden pests.  It’s a good idea to spray your clothing with deep woods off to prevent chigger and tick bites.

I went out early to clean up the yard and it was completed by noon.  Now all that needs to be done is my husband to follow up with trimming back the low hanging branches by the chain link fence as they are growing in to thick and blocking the sunlight. 

I am glad the brush is cut back because while working I found mole holes.  I had some scoot mole repellent in the garage so I used the garlic and Castor oil concentrated treatment and sprayed the surrounding area by attaching my hose to the formula. The moles will move on now that I used a safe for the environment repellent.

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