Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Suburban Raccoon Visits Yard and Garden

For the last couple of days I  have noticed that my mulch in my garden has been pulled away from the plants and in some cases it is all pulled away from the plants and is in a large grouping like a mountain of mulch.  At first I thought neighborhood kids were playing a joke on me, but I was wrong because tonight at dusk I learned that a suburban raccoon was visiting my garden.
Raccoon's playing in the grass

My husband thought the little raccoon was cute because he seemed to be playing peek a boo behind the fountain grass in the ornamental grass garden.  But the thing about raccoons is they are very social animals and if there is one there will soon be more.   That is exactly what happened next, the kits came out of the hallowed out tree and came to play in our patio fountain and our garden fish pond; washing their paws and putting leaves in the water.  Such  cute  behavior but not good for the pond filter.
Suburban Raccoon drinking from garden fish pond

Raccoons are adorable but I do not want them to think my yard and garden is their hangout. That is when I knew that I had to set up raccoon boundaries so that they knew that playing in my garden was not acceptable behavior.

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Attribution: http://mrg.bz/3J68fM and http://mrg.bz/b5lhpe

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