Sunday, March 8, 2015

Cosmos Flowers Photo Gallery

When it comes to planning a colorful garden that has nonstop summer blooms until the weather turns cool in the fall I plant cosmos flowers. These flowers are so easy to grow from seed and they are maintenance free, although I do water them when the weather is extremely hot or there is a summer drought.

Here is a photo gallery of cosmos flowers grown in the garden and in masses.  

These pretty cosmos flowers attract honey bees, monarch butterflies and other butterflies. I recommend that you plant the flower seeds in an area where you can view the flowers and the pretty butterflies fluttering around the blooms.
 I grow cosmos flowers in my butterfly garden, containers and along my side slope.  I also grow these flowers in masses in my side meadow that I can view from my sun porch.   

It is nice to sit on the porch and view the pretty flowers in the afternoon while sipping some lavender and chamomile tea.  This is natures way to relax and unwind after a hectic day.

My favorite cosmos flower garden is the meadow because there is a path
where you can walk among the flowers.  This path serves as a nature walk for the kids and adults in my neighborhood.   They all enjoy standing in the middle of an enormous flower garden where they can view the butterflies, take photographs of butterflies, birds, and rabbits.  Occasionally you can even see a deer or fox.

If you enjoy gardening and monarch butterflies then I recommend that you grow
cosmos flowers. 


Anonymous said...

Very nice I love Cosmos and have lots in my garden too!

Nancy Hardin said...

Oh my those are some beautiful photos of gorgeous flowers. Don't you just love all the colors when they begin to emerge in the spring? Nice work Susan!