Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Greenwood Nursery Client Review; Flowering Shrubs

I have been a long time client at Greenwood nursery because the trees, shrubs and perennial flowers that I have bought from this online nursery have thrived in my garden. All plants are shipped with care and arrive healthy and ready to be planted. In the last 7 years that I have shopped at Greenwoodnursery.com they have never let me down.
This year I find myself looking at greenwood nursery website for flowering shrubs that will grow on the sunny side of my dog kennel. I am thinking a shrub that has flowers will look better than a chain link fence. I have some evergreen shrubs in this area of my yard and they look nice but would like some summer color since the kennel is directly under my side sun porch.
My neighbor has Crape Myrtle in her yard. It grows along the backside of your privacy fence and it does look beautiful when it is in bloom. This flowering shrub did grow fast however the flowers are not fragrant.
Some of the flowering shrubs that I like are the Red knockout Rose Shrub, always looks good however my favorite flowing shrub is the Clethra Sugartina Crystalina or commonly knows as the summersweet. 

 This flowering shrub produces bottle brush shaped flowers in late summer that are very fragrant. I think this flowering shrub would be perfect if grown in masses along the outside of my dog kennel because it grows fast and the blooms will take away the doggy smell.
This summersweet when fully grown is three feet in height with similar spread. It is deer resistant too and that is a plus since the deer cut across my yard nightly to get to the woods on the other side of my house.
I am certain that I will shop at Greenwood Nursery for the knockout double red roses to plant in my yard close to my patio. Then I will buy several summersweet shrub to grow in masses along my dog kennel and in the front of dog kennel where the gate is I plan to buy and grow honeysuckle Arnolds Red because the bright red flowers will look nice and this fast growing shrub ill provide a good windbreak and will also attract butterflies.
I am glad I took some time this morning to check out the new gardening supplies and plants that are being offered at greenwood nursery because it is the season to plan my garden for planting after spring frost has past.
I am a satisfied client and know if you check them out that you will be too. Know that when you login and become a member you will get a special discount list of prices. Affordable prices for your yard and garden needs.
Here are some photographs of my gardens, all plants that you view were bought online at Greenwood Nursery. 
 Hosta Garden
 Japanese flowering Quince
 Old Fashioned Lilacs

Thuja Green Giant Arborvitae

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