Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Gardens Small to Large Photo Gallery

Today I had a conversation about my garden and the person I was speaking to had mentioned their garden.  They said how they had planned it and created an eye appealing layout so the color would flow nicely. Then they mentioned the vegetables, herbs and flowers that they had planted last year and that this year they hoped to extend their garden so that it was better than last year.

I asked if they had any photographs and with a smile she retrieved a few from her phone and to my surprise the garden was not located in a large or small yard but instead on 6 feet wide by 9 foot space on her patio.   

The photos showed that it was a nice container garden and that she had utilized her space well. It confirmed that anyone could have a garden as long as they have an area that has sunlight.

I complimented her on her garden and then she asked me about my garden, “you always talk about your garden, do your really have one?” I replied yes but it was not a container garden, I told her my gardens are 157 x 57 feet and that it has taken me years to complete.  My garden is what you would call large, but know that I have worked as an estate gardener and the property that I oversaw was four times the size of my own garden. 
Large garden with gravel path

 People love to garden and it does not matter if it is a small container garden or large oversize garden, the importance should be that gardening is good and all will benefit from planting a garden.

Notes: I grow plants in the ground and in a variety of containers. I think containers make the garden look more interesting. I shop for containers at yard sales and at as this store has an interesting mix of containers for indoor and outdoor use. I also shop online at and

Here are some garden photographs. I hope that they inspire you to plant a garden.

Garden pavestone path 
 Flower garden along the fence
 Container garden
Daisies grown in the meadow
Butterfly garden
Hosta Garden
Lily garden path
Sensory Garden
Dog Kennel Garden
Backyard garden
Flowering Shrub by garden path


Debra Allen said...

Those are gorgeous pictures. I love them. Our gardening hasn't started just yet. We have about a month to go. Things will be popping up very soon though.

Sandy Kay said...

Your garden is beautiful. My flower and garden beds are bare right now. I didn't plant anything last year. As I thought we would be moving in May. This year I plan on planting regardless if we move or not. I am adding things that can be transferred in pots and other containers. I don't care if the neighbors like it or not. The pots will be sitting in my flower bed out front. Lol.