Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Add Color to Your Winter Garden with Pansies

I don't know about you but my yard and gardens are looking rather blah this late winter. The snowdrops are blooming and the crocus are coming up. The only green in my yard, besides the bulbs is the evergreens shrubs and the Baltic ivy growing up the side of my oak tree.

My winter weather this year is mild, we are twenty degrees warmer than the norm. So I though I would plant a container of pansies and get a head start on very early spring gardening. I like the idea of having a container garden of pretty yellow and purple pansies close to the entrance of my home. Or I may plant some purple tulips that I have in cold storage in the center of terracotta container and then plant a border of purple pansies.
Pansy Arragement

Grow pansies in container garden

Add color to winter gardens with pansies

The late winter/very early spring pansy flower containers will look nice growing on my deck. I will set them in a sunny location.
Know that pansies are easy to grow. You will need the following garden supplies; Container that has drainage holes on the bottom, potting soil that is amended with compost. Liquid fertilizer (I like spray and grow), mulch and winter hardy pansies.

Pansies can tolerate a light snow, but if it gets extremely cold I will cover them with frost protection or drag the containers into my mud room.

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