Friday, January 1, 2016

Recycling Christmas Tree

When it comes to buying our Christmas tree we always buy a real tree. We love the fresh balsam fragrance and the fact that we can give back to nature when Christmas has past by recycling.

After we have removed all of the decorations we will decide on the best method for recycling.  One way to recycle the tree is to take it to our cities recycling plant. There they will make mulch out of our tree and we are welcome to take a scoop full for our yard and gardens.  If we pass on taking the mulch it will be used in city parks.

In the past we have recycled our Christmas tree by tying a cement brick to the tree and then tossed it into the center of our pond. The brick enabled the tree to sink to the bottom of the pond and this tree created a habitat for the fish, water turtles and other pond creatures.

An easy way to give back to nature is to create a thicket in your yard. It is best to do this in the back section of your yard. We have a large yard so we started our Christmas tree thicket off to the side of our yard. Husband set the tree on its side at the base of our retaining wall. Then all of our tree trimmings and branches were set on this thicket.  When the trees broke down they became a safe and warm shelter for wildlife. 
Thicket made from recycled Christmas trees and Oak tree tree trimmings/branches
Small tree and branch thicket at base of wall 
After several years the trees turned into a safe shelter for animals in the woods
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Another way to recycle your Christmas tree is to use it as a bird feeder. You will enjoy watching the songbirds that are perched on the tree branches for the next few weeks.

Consider setting up the tree close to a window and decorate the tree with birdseed ornaments. You and your family will enjoy watching the songbirds.

Buy birdseed ornaments at these fine online stores.  Here are few that I recommend.

GardenersSupply Company birdseed ornament set of 3
MonticelloShop birdseed ornament assortment
TractorSupply Company (4) Peanut butter Suet balls

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