Saturday, March 5, 2011

Advertise Lawn and Garden Business

Advertise your lawn and garden business to get the exposure needed to attract new clients.  

A spring advertisement campaign will enable you to line up contracts for the upcoming season.  Advertisement is a great way to promote your skills and expertise to your community.  

Even if you are an established business owner, advertisement is a nice way to remind your existing clients to contact you for upcoming jobs.  When you advertise your lawn and garden services you put yourself in front of the competition and you will have access to more contracts.

What is your Advertisement Budget?
Before you begin your advertisement campaign you need to determine your budget as you do not want to over extend yourself and then not have money to support your business needs.  

Determine you budget by listing your positive cash and then subtract your bills and all of your supplies that are needed for the upcoming season.  The money that is left over can be applied to your advertisement.  

Basic Advertisement Campaign
Start with a basic advertisement campaign such as making business cards.  Personalize your business card with business and contact information; name, phone, email, website.  Also add your company motto on the card.  

Give your business card to managers of garden centers, local nurseries and introduce yourself to local home builders.   

Word-of-Mouth Advertisement
Word of mouth is an effective way to gain new clients.  When a client is pleased with the service that you have rendered they will praise you to their friends and neighbors and thus you will gain new business.  

One way to exceed in word of mouth is to offer referral compensation.  This is a way to thank your client for sending you a new customer.  Award the client that has brought you new business by taking percentage off their next garden or lawn service.  By giving referral compensation you have not only gained a new client but you have also a guarantee of repeat client contract, because in order to get the percentage off they must hire you for another job. 

Another way to develop word of mouth business is to make sure that your lawn and garden is perfect at all time and then install a sign in your yard with a plastic cylinder that holds your lawn and garden service flyer's.  Install your business flyer holder close to the sidewalk so that anyone walking by your yard can get a flyer.  They will see firsthand that you are skilled in your profession and will take your flyer.  Maybe they will contact you for a job or maybe they will tell a friend or co-worker about you.  The cost of this type of advertisement is minimal and the benefits are great.

Next Level Advertisement
Join local garden clubs and your local Chamber of Commerce.  Attend the monthly meetings and network your lawn and garden service  If there is a monthly newsletter where you can purchase a spot then consider advertising your lawn or garden service in the newsletter that goes out to all of the members, business and alumni. 

Practice supporting other members in your club and they will support you by reciprocating.

Business Tips for Lawn and Garden Advertisement:

  1. Purchase a business listing in your local yellow pages. Advertise your name, name of business, your motto and contact information.  Write "learn more about (name of your business)  and direct customers to your website.
  2.  Design a website that will feature photographs of your skills; specialty designed gardens, before and after photographs, contact information and client testimonials.

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