Thursday, March 10, 2011

Yard and Garden Snake Removal

Removal of snakes from your yard can be a little tricky especially if they are poisonous.  The best way to remove the snake is to make your yard uncomfortable and change their habitat.  
My home is located in the woods and for years, my yard was snake heaven.  The snakes resided in our rock wall, and in the garden close to the pond.  If you have snakes in your yard you will need to determine what kind of snake calls your yard home.  Black, garter and non-poisonous snakes are fine they control the rodents, but if there are venomous snakes then I would recommend that you remove snakes from your property.

Remove ground level fountains: Image by Sgolis
Remove woodpile as it attracts snakes: Image by Sgolis

Instructions for getting rid of snakes in yard:

Clean up yard and garden. Remove all clutter; leaves, woodpile, excess rock, straw and ground level compost.   Mow your lawn so that the grass is short, cut back brush and weed your gardens. If possible remove all ground level water fountains as they will attract rodents. 

Treat the manicured lawn and garden with a rodent pest control. By doing this you will remove the snake forage from your yard. 
Remove snakes from rock walls with mothballs. This form of pest control is poisonous to animals and humans so I recommend that you dig a trench along the side of the wall and set mothballs in a row directly next to the rock wall.  

When the pest control treatment is completed back fill the trench with dirt Snakes that live in the rock crevices all year round will leave the area to get away from the mothballs.
Trench along wall for mothball penetration: 

Another way to control snake populations naturally is to encourage feral and stray cats to hang out in your yard.  I trap, spay or neuter and release the feral cats, then I feed them   and they give me presents of headless snakes. It’s a good trade.  The cats also kill the rodents and this has cut down on my snake population significantly.

If you are not a cat lover you can get rid of snakes from your yard by trapping them.  The humane snake trap is made of durable plastic however it is light in weight so if you intend on trapping outdoors it is best to set it up on a calm day.  The best way to achieve positive results from the trap s to watch for snakes, note their location and then set the trap close to where you have viewed the snake.  The trap is baited with the scent of a rodent and the interior of the trap has a glue board.  When the snake enters the trap chamber it loses mobility and is not able to exit the trap.  

If you have land that is over populated by venomous snakes, you can do a control burn.  Contact your local fire department to schedule a burn.


Keep kids and pets away from mothballs

 Snake removal products that I recommend: 

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