Thursday, March 17, 2011

Garden Clean up and Weed Removal

Spring and fall is when you would cleanup your garden by removing all of the excess leaves sticks and weeds.  It is a time when you get your garden ready for the upcoming season. 

Before you begin your garden clean-up walk through your garden and check the weed growth and grade your gardens by work level 1-3.  I use an easy grading system; 1 represents a garden that needs a moderate clean-up, this garden would be easy.  The next level would be a 2 and this garden would require some effort to do a spring clean up.  The 3 garden is the mother-load garden clean up.  The 3 level garden would need an extensive clean up.  I grade the gardens by work level so that I know what I am getting into and I usually tackle the hardest job first.   

Make a list of products that are needed to do the garden work. I find it is best to be organized and have everything that I need before I start my spring garden clean-up.  If you have to stop while working, you may procrastinate, and spend too much time at the garden center so just purchase what you need before you start.

I need these Products:
  • Heavy Duty Garden Gloves
  • Cushioned handle Garden Tools
  • Garden Knee Rest
  • Off Deep woods Pest Control
  • Waterproof Sunscreen
  • Yard Trash Bags
  • Preen Garden Weed Preventive

Plan to start your spring garden clean up in the morning. Before starting any work in the yard I recommend doing a series of exercises that will allow you to stretch your muscles.  Stretch for about 20 minutes before beginning your garden work.  By doing this you will prevent cramping and sore muscles.  Work at a pace that suits your needs.  Try to get an entire garden done in one day and then work on the next garden the following day.

For large flower beds you should section it off and then clean-up one section at a time before moving onto the next.  By doing this you will not become overwhelmed especially if it is a big job.  Remove all of the debris; last season leaves, twigs, branches and such.  Do a hand pulling of the weeds. For stubborn weeds, dig out the root.  

Once the flower bed is cleaned, loosen the soil in the bed to about a inch, then sprinkle on some Preen Garden Weed Preventive.   I like Preen because it does not harm the plants or my flowers but it does prevent new weed growth.  

Another way to control weed growth is to apply Scott’s natural scapes advanced color enhanced classic black mulch.  Normally I prefer to use natural cypress mulch but this year I opted for the Scotts black mulch .  The black organic mulch is a nice contrast to green foliage and also prevents weeds naturally. 

Put the weeds and excess garden debris in trash bags before moving on to the next garden; complete each section before starting a new one.  

Notes from Susan G
Keep your garden clean up organized and you will work more efficiently.  If you have any questions please leave me a comment and I will respond.  Happy spring garden clean up everyone.


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