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Growing Tips for Hawthorn Trees

Hawthorn is a large shrub or a small tree that is in the rose family. The tree will grow on average one foot per year. This  three-season ornamental tree features lovely flowers in spring, red fruit in late summer and beautiful fall color.  Plant the hawthorn as an accent tree close to a picture window as you will want to view this tree in spring summer and fall. 

Accent your landscape with flowering Hawthorn Tree:  Image Credit

Choosing a Hawthorn Tree:
Buy a hawthorn tree from a nursery or garden center.  Look for a healthy 2 to 4 foot tree with branches and green leaves.  

Where and When to Plant
Plant the tree in early spring or as soon as you can loosen the soil with your shovel. Hawthorn trees prefer to grown in an area that is rich in limestone with a sandy loom. However, the hawthorn will tolerate ordinary soil also. A location with full sun with well drained soil is agreeable to the hawthorn tree.

How to Plant a Tree
Dig a hole that is the same depth as the container and is the same width.  Loosen the soil with your hands to remove all of the clumps and to make texture of the soil fine.
Remove the tree from a plastic container or if the tree is wrapped in a 100% burlap wrapping then release the burlap from around the tree trunk and pull back.  Otherwise set the burlap covered root ball into the hole.  As long as there is not wax coating on the burlap covering the roots will grow through the covering and growth will be fine.

Back fill the hole with soil.  Pack the soil so that there are no air pockets.  Water the tree well.

You can grow hawthorn from a seed.  It is best to start tree seeds under a grow light indoors in late winter.  Your hawthorn seedling should grow an average of 1 foot in the first year.  Keep seedling in pot until it is approximately 12 inches then transplant outdoors in early spring after the threat of frost has past.  

Care for Hawthorn Tree
Fertilize the hawthorn tree with water mixed (10-10-10) solution. Pour fertilizer around the base of the tree or fertilize with organic tree stakes.  It is best to fertilize hawthorn tree Every other spring and your tree will grow healthy.

Apply three inches of organic mulch; pine needles, grass clippings or chipped trees around the tree.  Do not use synthetic mulch.
Keep soil evenly moist but not wet throughout the growing season.  If you autumn season is warm then continue to water the new tree until there is a hard freeze.  

Learn more about the hawthorn tree by viewing this You Tube video:

Points of Interest:
  1. Branches with berries look great dried and added to floral arrangements.
  2. Hawthorn tree brings luck to owner,
  3. Cedar apple rust can be a problem.
  4. Branches have sharp thorns and children should avoid the tree.
  5. The winter red hawthorn berries provide a reliable food source for the birds and in the spring the tree will provide shelter for nesting birds.
  6. Bark is gray and smooth.
  7. Mature hawthorn trees are 16 to 49 feet tall
  8. Jesus Christ wore a crown of thorns made from branches from the hawthorn tree.

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