Saturday, June 23, 2012

Herbs that Attract Butterflies

Herbs will enhance foods flavor and many herbs can be used to heal the sick but some herbs are beneficial to bees and butterflies.  When you grow specific herbs and allow them to flower these herbs will attract bees and butterflies to your yard and garden. 

Choose a section in your yard to grow a fragrant herb garden.  An area that is close to your outdoor living space will be appealing as watching the butterflies foraging the nectar is relaxing.  A Butterfly garden A great way to unwind after a day at work.

Plan a garden that will include a water feature to keep butterflies hydrated and a resting or hibernation box.  You may want to set the water feature to the side and add a small stone path –patio that is large enough for a garden bench.  Then plant the herbs according to their growing needs.  Some herbs require direct sun so plant them in an area where it is hot.  Others may need part sun in the afternoon and an overhang of a shade tree would be ideal.  You do not need to plant you butterfly herb garden in one area, be creative and plant groupings of fragrant herbs throughout your yard.

Grow herbs outdoors in a garden that has full sun to part sun in the heat of the day, with soil that is well drained.  Keep the garden weed free and apply organic mulch to help in retaining moisture.  

Maintain your butterfly herb garden by making sure that the soil does not dry out.  Install drip line irrigation or a soaking hose and water in the early morning.  I have my irrigation system set on a timer and it starts watering at 6:30 and ends at 8:00 a.m.  You may water in the late afternoon as long as there is a few hours of sunlight. Night watering is not recommended as the wet soil will attract garden pest

There are many fragrant herbs that attract butterflies.  Many of these fragrant herbs also can be used for herbal tea.  Here is a list of herbs that I grow in my yard and gardens.

Red and Fuchsia Bee Balm
Echinacea Coneflowers
Garden Mint
Evening Primrose
Lemon Balm

My herb garden photographs:
Bee Balm
Garden Mint

Lemon Balm

View You Tube video on how to grow herbal tea garden.  These herbs also attract butterflies.

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