Monday, June 4, 2012

Cover Ground with Vinca Minor

Vinca Minor is an evergreen trailing ground cover that will add eye appealing color to those shady spots in your yard where nothing else grows. You may be familiar with this pretty evergreen ground cover that blooms in spring, as it also goes by the name as lesser periwinkle or creeping myrtle.   

Vinca benefits the gardener who needs to cover ground with eye appealing green color.   I grow vinca minor under shrubs or on my shady slope.   This plant will cover bare spots very quickly by forming a dense mat. 

My husband likes it growing on the rocky slope because he no longer has to mow and I do not have to weed the vinca minor garden as it chokes out weeds.  I also grow vinca up against my rock wall.  In this section of my yard I planted daffodil bulbs and in the spring when the flowers bloom the purple blooms of vinca look beautiful at the base of the daffodils. Here are my photographs of Vinca Minor that grows in my gardens.

Growing tips for Vinca Minor

Plant the vinca minor ground cover in the spring after the danger of frost has past. Purchase plants or bare roots. Soak the bare root in pan of tepid water for one hour before planting. The water is useful in hydrating the roots.  vinca minor will grow very well r in part shade to full shade.  A garden site where the soil is moist and well drained is preferred however mature plants will tolerate some drought as long as they are not growing in direct sun.  Plant the vinca close to your foundation, in rock gardens, raised planters and under shrubs and shade trees.

Clear the garden site of grass, weeds. Loosen the soil to 8 inches and break up the clumps so that the texture is fine.  If your soil is poor then mix equal parts compost with your soil. Wet the garden site so that the soil is moist but not wet.  Dig holes that are the same size as the nursery container. For bare roots, dig a hole that is deep and wide enough to accommodate the roots. To allow for growth space eighteen inches apart.

Care for the ground cover by watering in the morning. Fertilize in early spring before the flowers bloom.

Learn more about vinca minor by viewing this YouTube video:

Tips & Warnings
  • Good plant for erosion control.
  • Fully grown plants are six inches in height.
  • Vinca grows in thick. It will choke out plants and weeds.
  • Vinca minor can become invasive. Divide and transplant in spring
  • Vinca is deer resistant.
  • Grows well in USDA growing zones 3 to 8
  • Vinca is native to central and southern Europe. 
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Virginia Allain said...

I love vinca as it is so hardy and spreads so easily to cover an area.
This plant doesn't get much attention so it's good that you featured it.

S Golis said...

Hi Virginia Allain nice to see you here. I agree the vinca is wonderful and has filled in those bare spots nicely. I bought bare root from Greenwood Nursery years ago and have transplanted it many times all over my yard.