Friday, June 24, 2016

Natural Summer Allergy/Sinusitis Treatment

Summer pollen-related allergies are the worst especially if you love gardening. If you suffer from seasonal allergies you can get relief by taking medication like Claritin for indoor and outdoor allergies or you can choose a natural treatment.
Now that summer is here I have been working in the garden every day. I love spending time in my garden but since I am allergic to grasses, trees, and some flowers I am getting allergy symptoms; sneezing, watery eyes, runny nose, and cough.  
If you suffer from summer allergies then you can get natural relief with a saline nasal rinse that will balance your pH. The nasal irrigation is a good way to remove indoor and outdoor allergens including dust, animal dander, grass or flower pollen, and household dust.  I irrigate my nose twice a day with this saline and breath easier.
Along with the nasal rinse,  I will mix a teaspoon of diatomaceous earth food grade, a natural silica supplement with 8-ounces of water or juice and drink in the morning. The DE is a great way to do whole-body detoxification and will clear out the excess mucus.
Boost your immunes system with honey lemon ginseng green tea with white tea.  Brew several cups throughout the day and sip it slowly.   The antioxidants found in this tea will help you to feel better. 

Here are a few flowers and trees that will cause you to have seasonal allergies; goldenrod, sunflowers, chrysanthemums, daisies, and chamomile. Trees; walnut, pine, elm, cedar, birch. beech, hickory. silver maple and oak.

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