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Keep stray cats out of your yard and garden by growing herbs that are repulsive to cats.  Learn which herbs will repel cats naturally by reading my blog post-Keep Stray Cats out of Yard and Garden

Grow the herbs in sections; dig a hole that is the same depth as the nursery container or the root. Set the herb in the center of the hole. Spread out the roots and gently cover roots with the soil. Allow space between herbs for appropriate growth. Water all newly planted herbs thoroughly. 

 I like to grow peppermint in containers.  I arrange assorted sizes of containers and set them on my patio and along my gravel path.  The aromatic peppermint repels mosquitoes and other flying insects and this herb will naturally freshen the air. Learn tips on growing peppermint and its many uses by reading my blog post-Growing Peppermint from Seed and Gardening information for Growing Mint


I grow lavender directly outside of my dog kennel and along the gravel path that leads to my patio. I also planted lavender in containers; wheelbarrow, vintage footed bathtub and also in a wooden barrel.  Learn tips for growing and the many uses of the lavender herb by reading my article here

If you enjoy gardening then you will love growing herbs for a profit. Start your business by having a business plan.  Study the demographics of your area to determine what herbs would sell best.  If there are… learn more by reading my post Growing herbs at Home for Profit

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