Thursday, January 22, 2015

Another Productive Day in the Garden

Today I was up early and out the door before stopping for coffee. I needed to be at my clients house at 8 AM to do their spring bulb containers.  Lucky for me my client Marge handed me a cup of coffee and also offered me 2 slices of cinnamon toast. It is safe to say I have been on call to do their gardening needs for years and tend to think of them as friends who are also my clients.

The bulb resin containers came in two sizes 16 inch and 19 inch, both were deep enough for the bulbs.  

Planting the spring bulbs was an easy  project.  I planted the two large containers that would feature red tulips and Dutch master daffodils and the other 2 containers would feature grape hyacinth bulbs, Muscari armeniacum with yellow daffodils and narcissus bulbs. 

Then I did some smaller daffodils and tulip containers that would be kept in cold storage (average temp 48 degrees Fahrenheit)  My client said she would use the small bulb containers to  decorate indoors; dinning table, coffee table and she would give some to neighbors.

Since the bulbs came from clients cold storage and had sprouted already I did not recommend that they put the containers outdoors especially if the weather was bitter cold and soil would freeze. This would not be good for the bulbs that had signs of new growth.

My client agreed and said they would put the containers on their deck where there was plenty of sun.  Then if the weather turned bitter cold again they would move to a protected area where the soil would not freeze. 

 I also recommended that the soil stay evenly moist but not wet as they did not want the bulb to dry out.

After the spring bulb container gardens were planted I went back home and got busy being productive in my own garden. Worked some on my new herb garden and also made a list of the things that I needed for the garden center at Lowe's.

This time of the year is busy for me because clients are a calling for help with their yard and garden needs and I also need to get my gardens ready for spring flowers blooms and garden plantings.

Today was another perfect day for working in the garden. I am glad that we have had warm days in January because I have used the time wisely by being productive in the yard and garden.

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