Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Gardening During Winter Months

Normally this time of the year there is snow on the ground but instead bitter cold temperatures we are blessed with warm spring like weather.

 Due to the warm weather  I had two clients that needed help with their gardening needs and I was busy last week doing  yard and garden projects. This week I find that the  weather will be warm on Wednesday so I am making plans to work in my yard and garden.  I really love being able to work in the garden during the winter months.
Normal weather in January is Snow

There is not much to do in the backyard but I would like to fertilize the irises especially the ones that met my husband weedeater last fall. These irises took a beating because he cut them almost to the tuber. 

The extra soil  around the tubers will be good because the last snow did cause erosion and many of the roots are exposed.  I am mixing compost, potting soil and bone meal and will fertilize my tulip bulb garden, lily garden and the irises.

When that garden project is completed I plan on adding new mulch around the garden path and fill in where pea gravel is needed. I think the mulch and gravel will make the yard and gardens look good for the rest of the winter.
Gardening During Winter Months, cleanup gardens

Then all that is left to do is trim back the ornamental grasses and remove any leaves from this garden.  I really love that we are having warm weather during the winter months as it allows me to get my gardens ready for planting and my yard cleaned up.

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