Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Working on Raised Garden Project

Husband asked me to extend my rock herb garden down along the side of the stepping stone path. He thought fragrant herbs along the side of the garden path  would look good.  He also thought he would not have to cut the grass in this area and he really liked his idea.

It seemed like a good idea at the time to extend the herb garden, so I drew out the garden plans on paper and my husband looked at me blankly then said he thought it would be cheaper to buy a raised garden kit.  I did not agree with him but knew if I did not show him a kit that he would never understand.

First stop today was Lowe's garden center where we looked at raised garden kits. One large garden was priced at $176.93 and this kit was not big enough for our garden plans.  

Husband studied the raised garden that was on display and the good thing about these kit gardens is they do give the husbands an idea as to what they are supposed to look like and they know what material is needed to put them together.  

If you guy cannot not visualize your garden plans on paper the put together kit on display will help them understand and you husband will think you are a garden genius.  (smile)

After our trip to the garden center, there was plenty of time for me to get started with my extended herb garden.  Today husband and I removed all of the river rock that went around the herb garden. Then I used landscaper marking paint to outline the area where the new garden will be located. 

 Since the top six inches of soil are workable, husband will remove the sod and level the area before lying down the landscape liner to prevent the weeds or wild grasses from growing.

Hopefully by the end of the week the sides of the raised garden will be installed and then we need to fill with organic compost mixed with potting soil.  I like that the weather is warm this week because it is allowing me to get the gardens ready for spring planting.

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