Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Gardening on Warm Winter Day

Today the temperature was in the mid 50's and so I took advantage of the warm weather and went to work in my garden. The snowdrops were blooming and this white flower is generally the first flower to bloom in spring.
Snowdrops and purple crocus first flowers in early spring

I took some time to remove the mulch from my spring garden beds and saw that the crocus and daffodils were coming up also. Now I know that these warm days is just a break because cold weather is in the forecast for this weekend, but instead of covering the new growth up with a light layer of leaves I think I will make up my spring fertilizer.

This flower garden fertilizer is one that was passed down from my dad, he would mix 8 lbs of compost with 3 lbs of bone meal and if there was any ash left in the firepit he would add that to the wheelbarrow and mix all the ingredients with a shovel.  Learn more about this spring flower garden fertilizer here

I will put a layer of the fertilizer over the flower beds and around the spring flowering shrubs. Like my lilac and forsythia and by doing this I know that when it comes time for the flowers to bloom that they will be beautiful.

I spent three hours in the garden today and really enjoyed getting my flower beds ready for the next growing season.


Jasmine Ann Marie said...

I love to see the first signs of Spring! What a lovely photograph. Cannot wait to be able to get out more into the garden.

S Golis said...

Jasmine the last few days have been wonderful, sunny and warm and have spent time in my garden and in clients. Cold weather is in the forecast but I know I will spend my time making garden plans. I am itching to garden every day and to see the plants grow.