Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Looking Forward to Spring Gardening

It is January and I know winter is not over but this week we have spring like weather and I have enjoyed my time spent in the garden because the spring bulbs are blooming and there are buds on my old fashioned lilac bushes.  

Soon there will be hundreds of daffodils followed by pink tulip flowers blooming on the slope and I am looking forward to the spring flowers and gardening.


We will have warm weather for the next couple of days and I will be getting a jump start on my spring chores.

Instead of waiting for March I am going to cut back my large ornamental grass garden and remove any of the leaves that have covered this garden bed. 

Ajuga burgundy glow
When this garden is cleaned up then the ajuga burgundy glow that grows close to the border stones will be able to get the nutrients from the sunlight and will produce pretty blue flowers in the spring.  

I also want to work on my herb garden because husband would like me to extend is so it grows along the side of garden path. I agree with him that fragrant herbs close to path would be wonderful in summer.

The warm weather break is enjoyable, I feel renewed and looking forward to spring flower blooms and planning my summer annual flower gardens.

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