Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Camouflage Fence with Flowering Vines

Talk about an eyesore, the chain link fence needs to be camouflaged. If you are like me and want to hide your ugly chain link fence then do so by growing a flowering vine.

A few years ago a garden friend of mine gave me some “Grandpa Ott” morning gloryseeds. She told me that the morning glory would cover up my six foot chain link fence and that the long blooming flowers would attract butterflies and hummingbirds.

I really liked the garden tips for hiding the fence, with pretty flowers that attracted hummingbirds. So I planted the seeds indoors and then transplanted them outdoors after the treat of spring frost had past.

What I like about this vine is the foliage; both heart shaped leaves and petunia like flowers are attractive. Plus the “Grandpa ott” flower is so pretty; dark purple with magenta pink and yes the vine fills in quickly and does camouflage the ugly link fence.

This vine looks beautiful when grown over a wooden privacy fence.  


Growing from seed is easy provided you soak the seeds overnight before planting. Morning glory is a vigorous vine that fills in quickly forming a dense mat. Flowers will start to bloom in June and will continue to bloom in fall as long as the weather is warm.

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