Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Growing Chrysanthemums from Seed

Normally I buy chrysanthemums in August to plant in container gardens for fall color. These late season flowers usually do not have time to establish root because the winters may turn cold quickly. So a few years back I decided to start Chrysanthemums in my greenhouse in early spring. Then I transplanted the seedlings into my garden and since they are perennials in my area I enjoy their lovely blooms all summer long and well into the the fall season.

Growing Chrysanthemums from seed is easy plus they are long lived. You benefit from this beautiful flower because the cut stems can be used in floral arrangements, seasonal wreaths and other fall season decorations.

Here are some tips for growing chrysanthemums from seed.

Plant flower seeds in miracle grow potting soil. Best to grow them indoors then transplant outdoors after threat of spring frost has past.

I buy seed starter kits in March and will plant the flower seed. Since I do not have a sunny window I bought a grow light at walmart.com  The soil in the starter kits is kept moist but not wet. I never let the soil dry out because it would cause the seedling to be stressed.

Transplant chrysanthemum seedlings in spring after the threat of frost has past.  Or when the weather is an average temperature of 70 degrees.

Choose a sunny garden site with rich soil that is well drained. Know that if the soil is wet then the Chrysanthemum will weaken. This particular flower is susceptible to powdery mildew so it is wise to plant in full sun, in an area that has good air flow; away from walls, and not too close to other plants.

Transplant  the mum seedling into a garden bed that has soil that is amended with compost. 

After planting the seedling, keep the soil evenly moist but not wet until the plant roots become established or new growth is noted. Then water in the morning with drip irrigation because.  It is best to not get the leaves wet. Why morning watering?  It is before the heat of the day, when the water evaporates and at dusk this watering will attract fungus and insects.

Here are some garden products that I found at Walmart.com.  
Patio and Gardening Supplies Seed Starter Kits and Grow Lights for indoor plants.

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