Thursday, March 31, 2016

Capstone Garden Path

One mans trash is treasure for me. My neighbor set at the curb concrete capstone, 6 slabs and husband brought them home. We recycled the capstone by adding the stones to our preexisting garden path.. Thanks to the capstone finds I was able to extend the garden path and it really makes the yard look nice
It did not take long to extend our path with capstone. Husband and I worked on the path together as it was a DIY weekend yard improvement project. View the photograph to see how we spaced the path and then completed it with the cypress mulch. Note the stones are not perfect, but we do not mind. Total cost for this project was under $10. as we got 3 cupric feet of mulch that was discounted at Walmart garden center.

Learn how to install a capstone garden path by reading my blog post YardSale Finds Create Inexpensive Garden Path

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