Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Transplanting Chrysanthemums to Outdoor Garden


Chrysanthemums come in a variety of flower shapes and colors. These flowers will compliment your garden throughout the growing season when other flowers have stopped blooming. They will continue to bloom until very hard frost.

Normally I start chrysanthemums indoors by growing them from seed and will transplant them outdoors after the threat of spring frost has past.

How to Plant Chrysanthemum Potted Plant Outdoors

Get the garden ready for planting chrysanthemums by removing the sod, weeds. Break up the clumps of dirt so that the soil is a fine texture. Then amend the soil with compost.

  1. For nursery grown plant or seedlings dig a hole that is the same depth as your nursery pot plus three inches.
  2. Make a small mound of soil in the center of the hole. This mound will lift the mum up and will aid in proper drainage.
  3. Set the mum plant in the center of the hole on top of the mound and back fill the soil into the hole.
  4. Firm the soil around the mum stem. Water the newly planted mum.

Planting Flower Seed Outdoors

For sowing seeds outdoors, you would make rows that are ¼ inch deep in the soil then add two seeds for one plant, space 18 inches apart.  Cover the seeds and water so that soil is evenly moist but not wet.

Helpful Garden Tips:

Apply organic mulch; pine needles, grass clippings or wood chips around the mum. Mulch will aid in retaining moisture and deter weed growth.

Water chrysanthemums in the morning; provide the plant with moisture up to one inch per week.

Do not allow the soil to dry out.

  • For fall flowers you would pinch off the mum buds when they appear. Stop pinching off buds in August. When you pinch the early buds off the plant will grow fuller and the flowers will be stunning in the fall.
  • For all summer blooms water monthly with bloom boost. Always pinch off the spent flowers, this will encourage new buds.

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