Friday, March 18, 2016

Houseplants that Clean The Air

Did you know that the air that we breathe in our homes is polluted with toxins? You would not think so but it is true because these toxins come from the cleaning solvents that we use, paint, varnishes, ammonia, paper and ink products. Even tobacco; second-hand smoke is harmful. If you suffer from allergies, these toxins will cause side-effects like watery eyes, runny nose or asthma. Here are houseplants that will clean the air by naturally removing toxins.

Before you buy houseplants you will need to determine which plants are right for your home. Most people have low light plants in every room or their house because this is the best way to keep the air clean. Otherwise, you would accent your decor with houseplants in high traffic rooms like kitchen, den, and bedrooms. I recommend one large plant and two small plants, for your kitchen and den. Then hang a spider plant or Boston fern in your bedroom and these plants will clean the air. 

Even if the rooms do not have a lot of sunlight, know that these low light plants need indirect light. If you set them close to a lamp or artificial grow light then they will be fine. They will grow well under a floor lamp or table lamp.

Here is a list of air purifying plants that will remove TOXIC pollutants from your home. I found live plants spider plants, peace lily, Boston fern, and English ivy and Areca palm online at  Find these plants at (Patio and Garden) 

Philodendron, Areca Palm, English Ivy, Spider Plant, Peace Lily, and Boston Fern. These plants will purify your home by removing the toxin formaldehyde which is found in paper products and cleaning products that have the formaldehyde ingredient.
Naturally, remove toxins from indoor air with  a Peace Lily

Hang English ivy in an area of your home where there is tobacco. This ivy will naturally purify the air by removing tobacco smoke, chemicals, and the residue.

Breathe easier with the Areca Palm.  The palm is a tree and would look best in a large room tucked in a corner or in front of a window that offers indirect light. The will remove the chemical trichloroethylene the chemical found in ink, paint, lacquer, and varnishes. Palm prefers a warm location that does not have drafts.

Set the peace lily under a floor lamp or in a corner of a room. This plant is easy to grow and prefers indirect light. The peace lily plant has large leaves with an exotic looking white flower. This plant will clean the air in your home by removing the chemical benzene.  This chemical is used in nail polish, paints and adhesives.

When your home air is toxin free you and your family will be healthier and happier. It takes 24 hours for the houseplants to filter the toxins from the air.
Remove toxins from indoor air with  a Spider Plant

Other houseplant benefits:

Know that the houseplants fill the air with negative ions. The negative ions make people feel happy. If there are positive plant ions in the air then people will feel sick.
  1. Houseplants increase the humidity levels in the air and thus your skin in winter will not feel dry.

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