Saturday, February 13, 2016

A Garden for Children - Design Ideas

Many people think that their children would not care for a garden. but I believe that a garden is a wonderful way to encourage children to be creative.  Know that I believe that children need to be outdoors, playing in the yard and getting fresh air and sunshine on a daily basis, so a garden that is designed for children is ideal as it will be their special place.

My neighbors nine year old daughter helped me to plan a garden for your senses.  This garden featured a water fountain, wind chimes, a shade tree, ornamental grass garden, pink hydrangea, irises and in the spring pink and lavender tulips would bloom.   There was a wooden garden bench under the shade tree which allowed the kids a place to sit and read, draw or play or make a variety of flower crowns and necklaces. 

When the children were not busy being creative they would look at the clouds or daydream.  Know that every summer the neighborhood children would come to spend time in the garden.  They would plant flower seeds in the spring, water the plants and be so excited when the flowers would grow.

When it comes time to plan a garden it is important to involve your children.  Shop with them at garden centers or at  to find out what they like or dislike.  Pick out flowers and herbs that have fragrance or attract butterflies or hummingbirds.  Plan, plant and teach your children how to care and maintain the garden. The more involved the children are,  the more interested they will in learning.

Here is a garden design that I created for my neighbors children and the cats.  If you would like to view these garden inspiration sets in better resolution or larger image then click onto the photo to view at my page at   

Here are a three garden inspirations for  children.  In these outdoor living sets I used one of my personal garden photographs then added spring flowers, grasses, the pavestone walkway, a fountain and a garden bench.  I accented the bench with one of my spring pillows from my print on demand shop at This secret garden is perfect for your children as it is a peaceful place to spend the day reading a book or playing make believe.

White Garden Bench

Here is another view, it shows the white bench with only a pillow and a girl picking flowers in the garden. 

White Garden Bench

White Garden Bench by sgolis featuring outdoor path lighting

Easter Egg Hunt in Garden

Easter Egg Hunt in Garden by sgolis  In this set I featured the following products from zazzke,com

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