Sunday, February 21, 2016

Spring Gardening – Dividing Daylilies

For the last two weeks the weather had been warm; highs in the low 70's and at night lows in the 50's. Wonderful warm weather that has awoken all of my spring bulbs including my daylilies. Yes, my lily flowers have broken the soil surface and I have noticed that they appear to be overcrowded.

It does not look like I will need to transplant more than 8 or 9 large clumps. For now, I will keep watching the garden plants to see what other work needs to be done. After all, it is the end of February and we cold get snow next month.

Know that if I pass up dividing the flowers this spring then there will be fewer flower blooms or they may die out due to not enough nutrients or hydration.

When it comes time to divide the overgrown lilies, I will transplant them into another garden bed or into containers. The garden bed will have ample sun and part sun in the heat of the day and the soil will be well drained

Tomorrow I will start getting a garden bed ready for the transplant daylilies.  Learn more about lilies by reading my article here

The photographs used in this blog post are of my gardens.

Overcrowded lilies with less blooms

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