Saturday, February 27, 2016

Organizing Garden Tools in Shed

Early spring is a good time of the year to get your garden tools organized in your garage or shed.   Then when gardening or planting season arrives, every gardening tool that you need will be easy to find and ready to use.

The garden shed is my husband’s project and he is not very organized. Needless to say 90% of the garden tools and products needs to gathered and put in a specific area. Meaning all garden boxes with overwinter elephant ears, and other bulbs that we lift in the fall need to be organized so we can plant specific colors and other groupings in the spring after hard frost has passed.
Presently all of my garden hand tools are in a storage container and the rake, shovel and hand tiller are on the floor behind the door. I think it is best to get them off the floor and onto the wall. 

I found some useful organizational products for garden shed or garage, I like the wall mounted garden tool storage that had a  five roller balls that gripped the tools and held them in place on the wall.  There were also 6 hooks that you could hang garden gloves or hand tools.I also like shelving in the shed and a potting station would be ideal.  

Where to Buy Garden Tool Shed Organization Products

I shopped for ceiling and wall mounts, pegboard and shelving.  I found a wonderful garden tool organizer at in best selling ceiling wall mounts but also saw useful products for the garden shed at  Then Walmart  has an entire section online for best selling garage organization and storage. I checked for rollback special prices and did buy some shelving and containers.
 So if you get a break, and there is a warm day in the forecast, I would reccomend that you get your garden shed organized, clean your tools and get them off the floor and onto the wall. 

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