Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Attracting Earthworms to Garden

Today I found that the steps I took in late fall increased earthworm activity in my garden soil and I am really happy about this because these worms will enable me to have a healthy crop this year.

Earthworms benefit your soil by making it nutrient rich with organic matter. The earthworms also create space for air and water by loosing up the dense soil. This makes it very easy for the plant roots to grow and take hold in the soil.

Know that at the end of season last year I removed my annual crops, then weeded the garden bed. When weeding was completed amended the soil with some compost, then watered well. 

Next I covered the garden bed with newspaper. followed by covering the newspaper with cardboard. Then in late fall when the leaves fell I left them on top of the cardboard. The paper products that covered the garden bed kept the soil moist and prevented it from drying out. By doing this I created an ideal worm habitat.

The last two weeks have been warm in my area, and many of of my spring flowers have buds on them. I took this as a sign that winter was over so I removed the garden bed covering and found that the soil was fantastic.

The earthworms did their job and made my soil perfect condition for planting. A healthy garden is one with soil that is rich with earthworms, keep your garden healthy by not using pesticides. There are many natural pest control products that you can use, that will know harm your earthworms.

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