Saturday, February 20, 2016

Growing Verbena in Containers and Rock Garden

If you have a sunny rock garden that needs a pop of color then plant some verbena. This flower looks so pretty cascading over the rocks and wonderful when growing in a free standing or hanging container.

I love verbena and think that it is eye appealing flower. It is relaxing to view the flowers that bloom nonstop from late spring to autumn. They flowers stop blooming when weather changes, gets cool/cold.
I also like that this flower because once it is established in the garden it really does well with little water. I do feed with Miracle grow bloom boost in the spring and then mix a little spray and grow in the water and feed weekly.

Oh my gosh the plants are so healthy and the flowers are glorious. They attract butterflies and hummingbirds to my yard and all enjoy this beautiful flower.
The verbena flowers come in a variety of colors; white, pink, red coral and violet. There are also some two-tone flowers that have a yellow center and they are really pretty. The flower is made up of flower clusters that remind me of phlox, (shape) the flower itself is smaller. It is a pretty flower but it has no fragrance.

Normally I start my annual verbena plants in the greenhouse by growing them from seed. However last year I bought lovely mature verbena plants at Lowes garden center and hung these plants in my garden. The plants stems fell over the sides of the container and lovely. So you can grow verbena from seed or you can buy this plant at and other online garden centers, including  I also found 1000 seeds by Carolina Seeds and Exotics at The price was fair with free shipping. Check it out here

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