Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Planting Tips for NON-GMO Milkweed Seeds/ Butterfly weed

If you love watching monarch butterflies and other butterfly species then plan to grow non-GMO milkweed seeds in your garden, field or other open space. Milkweed plants (Asclepias) are the plants attract Monarch butterflies, other butterflies, and hummingbirds because of the nectar source. This plant is also attractive to Monarch butterflies for egg-laying. 

Butterfly white tree nymph and milkweed plant

If you plan on growing milkweed this season then I would recommend that you start your seeds indoors. Milkweed needs a (cold season) This is an important step as the cold temperature is needed for seeds to germinate. 

So before you plant your seeds you would dampen a paper towel, set the seeds on the towel and put the towel in ziplock plastic bag. Set the bag with seeds onto a baking sheet or other flat surface and put in your refrigerator for 30 days. 

Remove the milkweed seeds after 30 days and plant your seeds in starter kits or in the ground. If the weather is not hot, then plant outdoors, but if your temperature is 85 degrees Fahrenheit then milkweed will not germinate outdoors I would recommend growing them indoors in a container, then transplant outdoors.

Know that it is recommended to plant milkweed seeds in the fall for following spring season. 

I found organic / non-GMO seeds at and the cost was reasonable plus low shipping fee.  If you love butterflies then buy non-GMO seeds at and grow milkweed plants.

Here are some seeds that I recommend and other organic gardening supplies.  Click the link to view at the online shop.

Milkweed Non-GMO seed assortment 
100 Non-GMO swamp Milkweed (pink) 

Miracle-Gro organic potting soil
Organic seed starter (use if going to grow in starter kits) 

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