Friday, May 13, 2016

Favorite Flowering Shrub - Quince

When it comes to choosing shrubs for my yard, I will shop for flowing or fruit bearing. One of my favorite flowering shrubs is the Chaenomeles japonica, Quince. This early spring bloomer has such a pretty fragrant flowers, thorny stems and small edible fruits in the fall My neighbor makes jam from the fruit from the Quince but I leave the fruit on the shrub for the wildlife.
Pretty Pink Quince

I grow this shrub on the south side of my yard where there is full sun. The soil is well-drained and the combination of sun and soil agrees with the quince.
Small yellow apple shaped fruit appears in fall

If you are in need of some privacy then grow this shrub in masses and it will provide you with a beautiful living fence that is four feet in height and four feet wide when fully grown. Plus the thorns on the branches are an affective way to keep intruders out.  Know that not all Quinces have thorns. There are some that are thornless and do not bear fruit.
Stunning red Quince

Care for the shrub by pruning the quince after it blooms to keep it looking manicured. It is a fabulous shrub because once it is established it does not need to be watered daily. However I do water it once a week when weather is extremely hot.

Other information

This flowering shrub comes in a variety of flower colors; red, pink, orange and white. I grow pink and my neighbor has red. Whatever the color this shrub is is a must have for growing zones 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. 

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