Friday, May 13, 2016

Garden Design Ideas for Irises

After my irises bloomed I realized that they needed to be thinned out and since the weather was cool I thought I would start this garden project rather than in July when the weather is extremely hot. Normally I transplant into a garden bed; along the southern side of the house, I will also add irises by the driveway and many are planted on the southern slope.   I decided to create an eye appealing iris flower garden in my backyard.  

Sun is a factor when growing irises and the only area that appealed to these flowers needs was in the middle of my yard.  So I decided to design a garden that was an eye appealing feature for my backyard.

The area for flower garden was 9 x 10 and I  needed to transplant 46 irises into the new garden.  I decided to turn this area into a garden for the birds and the butterflies.

I would need the following; bird bath, stepping stones, 4 bags of potting soil.  I shopped the sales at the garden center at I bought Miracle-Gro 4 cubic feet potting soil, landscapers fabric. and stepping stones. Then I shopped for a bird bath. I liked the solar fountain because they offer water circulation which will provide fresher water for the birds to drink.

Here are a few bird baths that I like at  

2 Tier Solar Garden Water fountain / Bird hydration 
Glazed Cobalt Blue ceramic bird bath

This easy eye appealing iris garden would appeal to the senses.  Here is my garden design idea for my divided and transplanted irises.  

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