Saturday, February 27, 2016

Organizing Garden Tools in Shed

Early spring is a good time of the year to get your garden tools organized in your garage or shed.   Then when gardening or planting season arrives, every gardening tool that you need will be easy to find and ready to use.

The garden shed is my husband’s project and he is not very organized. Needless to say 90% of the garden tools and products needs to gathered and put in a specific area. Meaning all garden boxes with overwinter elephant ears, and other bulbs that we lift in the fall need to be organized so we can plant specific colors and other groupings in the spring after hard frost has passed.
Presently all of my garden hand tools are in a storage container and the rake, shovel and hand tiller are on the floor behind the door. I think it is best to get them off the floor and onto the wall. 

I found some useful organizational products for garden shed or garage, I like the wall mounted garden tool storage that had a  five roller balls that gripped the tools and held them in place on the wall.  There were also 6 hooks that you could hang garden gloves or hand tools.I also like shelving in the shed and a potting station would be ideal.  

Where to Buy Garden Tool Shed Organization Products

I shopped for ceiling and wall mounts, pegboard and shelving.  I found a wonderful garden tool organizer at in best selling ceiling wall mounts but also saw useful products for the garden shed at  Then Walmart  has an entire section online for best selling garage organization and storage. I checked for rollback special prices and did buy some shelving and containers.
 So if you get a break, and there is a warm day in the forecast, I would reccomend that you get your garden shed organized, clean your tools and get them off the floor and onto the wall. 

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Attracting Earthworms to Garden

Today I found that the steps I took in late fall increased earthworm activity in my garden soil and I am really happy about this because these worms will enable me to have a healthy crop this year.

Earthworms benefit your soil by making it nutrient rich with organic matter. The earthworms also create space for air and water by loosing up the dense soil. This makes it very easy for the plant roots to grow and take hold in the soil.

Know that at the end of season last year I removed my annual crops, then weeded the garden bed. When weeding was completed amended the soil with some compost, then watered well. 

Next I covered the garden bed with newspaper. followed by covering the newspaper with cardboard. Then in late fall when the leaves fell I left them on top of the cardboard. The paper products that covered the garden bed kept the soil moist and prevented it from drying out. By doing this I created an ideal worm habitat.

The last two weeks have been warm in my area, and many of of my spring flowers have buds on them. I took this as a sign that winter was over so I removed the garden bed covering and found that the soil was fantastic.

The earthworms did their job and made my soil perfect condition for planting. A healthy garden is one with soil that is rich with earthworms, keep your garden healthy by not using pesticides. There are many natural pest control products that you can use, that will know harm your earthworms.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Spring Gardening – Dividing Daylilies

For the last two weeks the weather had been warm; highs in the low 70's and at night lows in the 50's. Wonderful warm weather that has awoken all of my spring bulbs including my daylilies. Yes, my lily flowers have broken the soil surface and I have noticed that they appear to be overcrowded.

It does not look like I will need to transplant more than 8 or 9 large clumps. For now, I will keep watching the garden plants to see what other work needs to be done. After all, it is the end of February and we cold get snow next month.

Know that if I pass up dividing the flowers this spring then there will be fewer flower blooms or they may die out due to not enough nutrients or hydration.

When it comes time to divide the overgrown lilies, I will transplant them into another garden bed or into containers. The garden bed will have ample sun and part sun in the heat of the day and the soil will be well drained

Tomorrow I will start getting a garden bed ready for the transplant daylilies.  Learn more about lilies by reading my article here

The photographs used in this blog post are of my gardens.

Overcrowded lilies with less blooms

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Grow Violas in Containers - Garden Tips

Now that it is early spring and the crocus and daffodils are blooming I want to add more color to my containers gardens and will achieve this by planting cool season violas. Viola flowers are in the violet family; some are perennial, others are annuals and a few grow wild in your yard.

I find that the viola flower looks best when grown in freestanding containers, this is a small flower that seems to get lost when grown in the garden. Viola comes in a variety of colors; red, purple, yellow, white are my favorite colors as these colors are so cheerful.
Before I plant in my container I always like to remove the plastic liner and I never use preexisting dirt. I will remove the dirt and wash the plastic liner with antibacterial dawn dish soap, rinse well and let the liner air dry. Then I will fill the container liner with potting soil that is amended with compost or manure.  When planting I like to plant using a color story I love violet grown with yellow and also containers of same color violas.  Once the violas are planted, add some mulch before setting the container where the flowers will get lots of sun. 
This year I bought a variety of viola flowers from Lowes garden center, know that it is important to watch the violas for the first month to make sure that the soil does not dry out. Dry soil can cause the plant to feel stress and it may die. You want to keep the soil moist but not wet. Too wet of soil is not good for Violas.

I do recommend applying a layer of mulch to go around the viola plants but stay a good an inches away from the plant stem. Violas and are hardy to 20”F which makes them ideal for early spring container gardens.   

Growing Verbena in Containers and Rock Garden

If you have a sunny rock garden that needs a pop of color then plant some verbena. This flower looks so pretty cascading over the rocks and wonderful when growing in a free standing or hanging container.

I love verbena and think that it is eye appealing flower. It is relaxing to view the flowers that bloom nonstop from late spring to autumn. They flowers stop blooming when weather changes, gets cool/cold.
I also like that this flower because once it is established in the garden it really does well with little water. I do feed with Miracle grow bloom boost in the spring and then mix a little spray and grow in the water and feed weekly.

Oh my gosh the plants are so healthy and the flowers are glorious. They attract butterflies and hummingbirds to my yard and all enjoy this beautiful flower.
The verbena flowers come in a variety of colors; white, pink, red coral and violet. There are also some two-tone flowers that have a yellow center and they are really pretty. The flower is made up of flower clusters that remind me of phlox, (shape) the flower itself is smaller. It is a pretty flower but it has no fragrance.

Normally I start my annual verbena plants in the greenhouse by growing them from seed. However last year I bought lovely mature verbena plants at Lowes garden center and hung these plants in my garden. The plants stems fell over the sides of the container and lovely. So you can grow verbena from seed or you can buy this plant at and other online garden centers, including  I also found 1000 seeds by Carolina Seeds and Exotics at The price was fair with free shipping. Check it out here

Saturday, February 13, 2016

A Garden for Children - Design Ideas

Many people think that their children would not care for a garden. but I believe that a garden is a wonderful way to encourage children to be creative.  Know that I believe that children need to be outdoors, playing in the yard and getting fresh air and sunshine on a daily basis, so a garden that is designed for children is ideal as it will be their special place.

My neighbors nine year old daughter helped me to plan a garden for your senses.  This garden featured a water fountain, wind chimes, a shade tree, ornamental grass garden, pink hydrangea, irises and in the spring pink and lavender tulips would bloom.   There was a wooden garden bench under the shade tree which allowed the kids a place to sit and read, draw or play or make a variety of flower crowns and necklaces. 

When the children were not busy being creative they would look at the clouds or daydream.  Know that every summer the neighborhood children would come to spend time in the garden.  They would plant flower seeds in the spring, water the plants and be so excited when the flowers would grow.

When it comes time to plan a garden it is important to involve your children.  Shop with them at garden centers or at  to find out what they like or dislike.  Pick out flowers and herbs that have fragrance or attract butterflies or hummingbirds.  Plan, plant and teach your children how to care and maintain the garden. The more involved the children are,  the more interested they will in learning.

Here is a garden design that I created for my neighbors children and the cats.  If you would like to view these garden inspiration sets in better resolution or larger image then click onto the photo to view at my page at   

Here are a three garden inspirations for  children.  In these outdoor living sets I used one of my personal garden photographs then added spring flowers, grasses, the pavestone walkway, a fountain and a garden bench.  I accented the bench with one of my spring pillows from my print on demand shop at This secret garden is perfect for your children as it is a peaceful place to spend the day reading a book or playing make believe.

White Garden Bench

Here is another view, it shows the white bench with only a pillow and a girl picking flowers in the garden. 

White Garden Bench

White Garden Bench by sgolis featuring outdoor path lighting

Easter Egg Hunt in Garden

Easter Egg Hunt in Garden by sgolis  In this set I featured the following products from zazzke,com